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"...the sunny melodies and love-affirming lyrics of their first single “I’ve Been Wrong” certainly make a case that the band is an outsanding example of Winn’s life’s work."

-The Wild Honey Pie

"Opus Vitae, is an indie rock outfit straight out of Silver Lake. Possessing a delightfully multi-layered and orchestral sound, Opus Vitae is poised to become LA’s latest buzzband."

-LA Music Blog

For singer/songwriter Banah Winn, the journey from San Francisco and the ensuing transition to the turbulent city of Los Angeles proved arduous. A city, a band, a family, left behind with hopes of establishing a band true to himself. Fast-forward one year and a half. Having endured love found and love lost, a slew of trials and tribulations demanding constant inner reflection, birthed a new outlook on life and music. Opus Vitae, translated from Latin as "Life's Work", is a direct outpouring of Winn's ambition, dedication, and persistent internal struggle.

Rounding out the sound of Opus Vitae's raw, driven energy are Montreal native Yan Clermont on lead guitar, and Seattle's Miles Frank and Pat Birney on drums and bass, respectively. These four unique musicians individually bring their own story and spirit to the band. Above all else, the music itself always takes top priority, as experienced in their exceptionally dynamic and honest performances.

Produced / Engineered by Darrell Thorp
Mastered by David Ives - 101 mastering


releases 28 August 2015



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Opus Vitae Los Angeles, California

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